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Cnidosculus texanaNAME: Cnidoscolus texanus (J. Müller of Aargau) J. K. Small

PLANT FAMILY: Euphorbiaceae

COMMON NAME: bull-nettle

APERTURATION: Inaperturate



SIZE: 80 - 105 µm Cnidosculus texanum2.JPG (53930 bytes)

SHAPE: round

FLOWERING DATE: June - September in Texas

NOTES: Cnidoscolus texanus has fragrant, white flowers that are visited by honeybees, beetles, butterflies, and other insects. Pollen grains are large and fragile. Bull-nettle pollen occurs in honey. The fruits of bull-nettle are edible. However, one should be careful when touching bull-nettle because the entire plant is covered with stinging trichomes.